About the Author

Michele Copp is a business analyst who lives in a northern Virginia suburb of Washington DC.  Although this is her first published book, she has been writing for years.

Michele has been a Beatles' fan since she was 17 and first heard the song "Michelle" on the radio. Unfortunately the Beatles had already disbanded 6 years earlier so she missed their heyday, but her passion for them has led to many adventures.

It was her love of the Beatles and England that led to her first trip across the pond in 1982 with her best friend and fellow Beatles' fan.  On this trip and the many that followed she met up with fellow fans and visited Beatles sights in Liverpool, Henley on Thames, and many of the Beatles' old homes in the London area.

After graduation from college, career and other pursuits began to limit the time available to focus on the Beatles, but a reconnection with an old friend in London who had participated in those early outings reignited her interest a few years ago and she is once again actively enjoying all things Beatles. 

To contact Michele about the book, send an email.