The Book

What if the Beatles had secretly reunited in the 70’s and recorded an album of their best work in complete secrecy, but hid the work away after another break up? And what if you discovered this information 40 years later? 
Follow the action and adventure in this fictional account of a group of Beatles fans who stumble upon a clue and set out to find this unreleased music.  Their hunt takes them from Scotland to the Isle of Wight and it appears that someone else is determined to get to the music before them.

Beatles fans around the world will enjoy the exploits this group of die-hard fans experience in their efforts to follow clues left by Paul 40 years ago as they set out to prove that this music really existed.

The idea for this story came about when I reconnected with an old friend in England who shared my love of The Beatles.  My friend was involved with a group of other Beatles fans and I was accepted into this group and soon became internet friends with several of them.

A subset of these fans, who mostly live close to or in London, had a tradition of going on Mad Days Out to explore locations that have connections to the Beatles and on a trip to London they organized one just for me.  It was great fun and has become a tradition to plan one to coincide with my visits.

It still amazes me how much knowledge they have about where, why and how nearly every Beatles song was recorded as well as how many locations in and around London do have a Beatles connection.  Through these Mad Days Out I have discovered some very interesting London sights that are compelling and impressive in their own right such as the historic Chiswick House or the swanky suburb of Richmond.

It was on one of these outings, while we were enjoying a cold drink in a pub next to the Thames, when I had the idea that it felt like we were pursing something and that idea morphed into the germ of the idea for this book. 

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