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(Still just)four Liverpool Lads Is a fictionalized yarn about a group of die-hard Beatles fans who stumble upon a tantalizing clue amongst some, at first sight, worthless 40 year old Apple Corps documents. Despite being severely stymied at times during their hunt the author adroitly maneuvers the plot around far reaching parts of Britain. I recommend this cleverly written story by first time author, Michele Copp, as a great read for all Beatle and non- Beatles fans alike.
-- UUBRIT (via Amazon)

I would highly recommend this book to all Beatle fans!
-- Mary Ann Thompson, KY

If you are a Beatles fan,(and that's most of us) you'll find this book very entertaining,and alot of fun.Imagine finding out bits of information after the Beatles break-up, that may lead you to some exciting surprises. Little clues here and there,that soon have these "Liverpool Lads" becoming amateur detectives,and friends come along for the excitement. They travel to various places, picking up information, knowing maybe they will find out details about the group that know one else knows! A very enjoyable read!
-- Dorrit Takach, CA