The Truth

Sign confirming Beatles Connection at Chiswick
What isn't real?
It is important to point out that although the Beatles and their spouses are real people, all events, letters and conversations in this book are entirely fiction and are in no way real.  The Beatles did NOT reunite and did not record any music let alone argue about it.

What is real?
There are a few real elements in this book:
  • All the towns visited in Scotland and England are real places that I have visited.  I recommend them all.
  • The British Beatles Fan Club is a real club that you can join.  I am a volunteer on the committee that runs the club.  You can learn more about the club on its website.
  • The Mad Day Out Gang does really exist but the names and other important details have been changed to protect their privacy. We do visit Beatles locations as claimed in the book.  Most recently we visited Chiswick House where the videos for Rain and Paperback Writer were filmed.